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Resistance is futile!

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One reason our donuts are so good is because Steve has 35 years experience in the baking industry. We are interactive and make hot donuts while you watch. So not only do we smell great but we are delicious and fascinating too!?
We make hot donuts while you watch

We make the best cinnamon donuts in the South west. And we know from repeat custom, that Resistance is Futile

Donuts and Coffee!

We make a pretty good cup of coffee with Rainforest Alliance freshly ground beans. Cappuccino, Latte, Mochachino & more

Our events 
We have Groupies!

We have a loyal following of dedicated donut fans who catch up with us at most events and stock up for their freezer.

Yes, Groupies 
Us and our van

We have a flash van, fully equipped to make our great donuts, plus us, with our Donut T shirts & great sense of humour

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more of our beautiful donuts!


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Bride and Groom tucking in..


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Even more of our beautiful donuts!


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